Are Paper Cups Recyclable?


Paper cups can be recycled, and a number of leading cities are successfully recovering paper cups in their residential recycling programs. Some examples are New York City, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Chattanooga, Louisville, and Denver.


The Paper Cup Alliance is working to increase paper cup recycling in the US.


All recycling depends on end markets for the materials and paper cups are no exception. Paper cups are made from fiber that is a desirable material for paper recycling mills. However, not all mills are able to separate the plastic coating found on cups that is used to prevent liquid from leaking out or soaking through the paper. The good news is that a growing number of mills can accept and process poly-coated cups when included in existing bales such as Sorted Office Paper (SOP), Residential Mixed Paper (RMP) and Cartons (Grade 52). A list of these mills can be found below in the Resources section. The Paper Cup Alliance is actively engaged with other mills to determine if they can successfully process cups.


Can I Recycle Paper Cups?

Check with your local recycling program. If paper cups are accepted, be sure your cup is empty before placing in your recycling bin or cart.


Check with your MRF to find out if they will accept paper cups. You may discover that you can easily add them to your program.


Be sure to educate your residents if you add them to your program. A best practice is to include images of clean paper cups without lids, straws or liquid. See below for graphics and other communications resources.


Check with your end market(s) to see if the mills can accept paper cups in their bales. Looking for an end market? Check out our resources section below.


If you are considering accepting bales with paper cups, see below for a list of frequently asked questions. Click here for more information or assistance with sourcing material for testing in your mill.











Find End Markets

Download a list of confirmed markets for paper cups. You can also explore FPI’s interactive end markets map for markets accepting paper cups as well as other types of foodservice packaging.


Info for Mills

For recovered fiber mills considering accepting bales with paper cups, check out this list of frequently asked questions.

MRF Studies

Click here to learn how cups flow through MRFs. Read more about the impact of adding paper cups on your existing mixed paper bales.

Communications Resources for Communities

You can download royalty-free, hi-resolution images of paper cups and other FSP here. Other best practices and sample flyers are available in the Resident Education Kit.



Read more about mills that are recovering paper cups in "Promising Pathways".


To hear from a community on how they successfully added cups to their program, listen to FPI's 2015 webinar "To Throw or Not to Thrown In: Paper Cup Recycling." Hear from even more communities in FPI's 2018 webinar "Residue to Recovery: Increasing Recycling Opportunities for Foodservice Packaging".


About the Paper Cup Alliance

In 2018, the Paper Cup Alliance (PCA) was founded to accelerate the adoption of paper cup recycling in the U.S. The PCA supports a market-based approach, aligning supply chain partners, promoting development of the processing infrastructure, development of end markets for recycled materials, and educating and engaging stakeholders to increase recovery. To learn more, please contact


Toolkit brought to you by FPI's Paper Recovery Alliance (PRA) and Plastics Recovery Group (PRG).

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